I began my photographic journey at the age of 11 on a family trip from Connecticut to visit relatives in Colorado. Somehow those first images, taken with a box camera, have survived in our family albums. Even then, I felt a connection between photographic images, and a sense of place. I have kept a camera handy ever since.

I was raised on the East Coast, then moved with my family to Seattle, Washington in 1970. I have practiced medicine in Aberdeen, Washington since 1978. 

I love to travel, and photography has always been a natural, instinctive part of that experience. Together, they have taught me much about myself, and they allow me to experience “being in the moment” – something I find more difficult in these hectic times.


Photography has been a passion for more than 40 years. It is in the urban and rural landscape that I find inspiration. I was moved by the beauty and abstraction of the black-and-white image.

Then I discovered the encaustic/ mixed-media process and my perspective changed. Now I can more clearly reach the  evoked emotion of place. It is through the abstraction of photographic processing, and the use of mixed media, that I find a truth that is more enriching.

 I have received encaustic in photographic training in Washington, Oregon, California and most often in Santa Fe New Mexico. It was in Santa Fe that I first discovered the beauty of using beeswax, with and without pigment, and enhancing with various oils, pastels and other media. Now, I see things differently.